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On This Day in History - 2nd October


1847Paul von Hindenberg, German field marshal and politician
1869Mohandus K. Gandhi, Indian leader of 'passive' resistance
1869Groucho Marx, US comedian of the 'Marx' brothers fame
1904Graham Greene, English novelist
1943Anna Ford, Former newsreader
1948Trevor Brooking, Former footballer
1951Sting, English rock singer & former member of 'Police'


1836Charles Darwin retured from his voyage on 'HMS Beagle'
1870Rome became the capital city of Italy
1901The British Navy's first submarine was launched at Barrow
1909The first rugby match was played at Twickenham
1925London's famous red double decker buses began operating
1950Legal Aid was introduced in Britain
1983Neil Kinnock became the new leader of the Labour Party
1985Rock Hudson, the famous Hollywood actor, died
1993President Yeltsin declared a State of Emergency in Moscow