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On This Day in History - 25th September


1927Colin Davis, British conductor
1929Ronnie Barker, Comedian
1944Michael Douglas, American film actor
1946Felicity Kendal, British actress
1952Mark Hammil, 'Luke Skywalker' in the 'Star Wars' films
1952Christopher Reeve, US actor; 'Superman' in the recent films


1818The first human blood transfusion took place at Guy's Hospital in London
1897Britains first motor bus service began operating
1907New Zealand became a dominion within the British Empire
1954'Papa' Doc Duvalier became the President of Haiti
1957The US National Guard were deployed in Little Rock, USA, to enforce desegregation in schools
1972Norway voted not to join the European Community
1977The Skytrain airliner service to New York started
198338 IRA prisoners escaped from the Maze prison, Northern Ireland
1995New M.O.T emission tests were introduced in the UK