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On This Day in History - 31st March


1732Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian composer of symphonies & quartets
1811Robert Bunsen, German who invented the 'Bunsen' burner
1926John Fowles, Author of 'The French Lieutenants Woman"
1927William Daniels, American actor; TV series 'St Elsewhere'
1935Richard Chamberlain, Actor and Television star
1938Sir David Steel, Former Liberal leader
1959Angus Young, Of the Pop group 'AC/DC'


1837John Constable, the English landscape artist, died
1855Charlotte Bronte, the author of the novel 'Jane Eyre', died
1889The Eiffel Tower in Paris, 985ft tall, was officially opened
1939Britain and France agreed to support Poland if Germany took any action against it
1953Dag Hammarskjold was elected as Secretary General of the UN
1966The Soviet probe Luna 10 was launched to the Moon
1973Red Rum won the Grand National in a record time of 9 minutes 2 seconds
1978Red Rum, the three times Grand National Winner, retired from racing
1986The largest local government in the world, 'The Greater London Council', was abolished
1986The south wing of Hampton Court Palace was damaged by fire