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On This Day in History - 18th January


1779Peter Roget, Founder of Roget's Thesaurus
1882A.A Milne, English poet and humourist
1892Oliver Hardy, US comedian of 'Laurel & Hardy' fame
1904Cary Grant, American Hollywood film actor
1913Danny Kaye, American film actor
1933David Bellamy, English botanist and TV celebraty


1778Captain Cook discovered what is now called the Hawiian Islands
1871Germany had its first emperor, King Wilhelm of Prussia
1911A plane landed on the deck of a ship for the first time, in the USA
1936Rudyard Kipling, the English author of 'Jungle Book', died
1944The seige of Lenningrad, in the USSR, by the Germans ended after over two years
1967Jeremy Thorpe was elected leader of the Liberal Party