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On This Day in History - 14th November


1840Claude Monet, Renowned French painter
1900Aaron Copland, American composer
1904Harold Larwood, Centre of the cricketing 'bodyline' controversy
1908Joseph McCarthy, US senator who led the anti-communist 'witch hunts'
1935King Hussein of Jordon, Sandhurst trained monarch
1940Freddy Garrity, Leader of the Pop group 'Freddy And The Dreamers'
1954Bernard Hinault, Cyclist; winner of the 'Tour de France' many times


1910The first take off by an aircraft from a ship took place, from the cruiser Birmingham in Chesapeake Bay
1922BBC radio was first broadcast from Alexandra Palace
1922The first regular news bulletin was broadcast by the BBC station 2LO, in London's Strand
1940Coventry Cathedral was destroyed by German bombs, which also killed 1,000 people in the city
1941The Ark Royal, a British aircraft carrier, was sunk
1963As a result of volcanic activity,the Icelandic island of Surtsey was born
1973Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips in Westminster Abbey
1991British film director, Tony Richardson, died