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On This Day in History - 26th May


1689Lady Mary Wortley Montague, English author
1859A.E Houseman, English poet
1886Al Jolson, American singer
1907John Wayne, American actor who made many westerns
1913Peter Cushing, British born film actor
1920Peggy Lee, Singer
1923James Arness, American television & film actor
1925Roy Dotrice, Actor


1798Income Tax was first introduced in Britain, on incomes over 200 pounds
1805Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned King of Italy
1846The British 'Corn Laws' were repealed by Robert Peel
1865The American Civil War effectively ended with surrender of the last Confederate force
1924The United States started limiting immigration, banning all Japanese
1950Petrol rationing in Britain ended
1955The Conservative Party won the General Election
1991The first Presidential elections, after the collapse of the USSR, were held in Georgia
1992With the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia & the Ukraine decided to split the Black Sea fleet