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On This Day in History - 30th August


1797Mary Shelley, English novelist and creator of 'Frankenstein'
1896Raymond Massey, Canadian born actor
1908Fred MacMurray, American film actor
1917Lord Dennis Healey, Labour politician & former Chancellor
1935John Phillips, Of the Pop group 'The Mamas And The Papas'
1943Jean-Claude Killy, French downhill skier
1951Rosemary Brown, Better known as the Irish singer 'Dana'


1860Birkenhead Street Railway began operation of Britains first trams
1900There was an outbreak of bubonic plague in Glasgow
1901Hubert Cecil Booth patented the first vacuum cleaner
1926Jack Hobbs scored 316 at Lords, the highest individual score recorded at the ground
1930Morris Cars announced the arrival of the Morris Major costing 215 pounds
1936The record for crossing the Atlantic was gained by the liner 'Queen Mary', winning the 'Blue Riband'
1981In Iran, the President and Prime Minister were killed by a bomb
1983Guy Bluford became the first black American in space