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On This Day in History - 19th May


1861Nellie Melba, Australian born soptano singer
1890Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese leader, after whom Saigon was renamed
1924Sandy Wilson, British playwright
1925Malcolm X, US Black rights campaigner who was assassignated
1926David Jacobs, Radio & television broadcaster
1939James Fox, Film and television actor
1952Grace Jones, Film actress
1953Victoria Wood, Comedienne


1649England was declared a Commonwealth
1906The last British soldiers left Canada
1906The Simplon rail tunnel between Switzerland and Italy was officially opened
1929The World's Fair opened in Barcelona, Spain
1935T.E Lawrence, British soldier & author, died
1964The USA made an official complaint to the USSR when 'bugs' were found in its Moscow embassy
1984John Betjeman, the English poet, died