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On This Day in History - 23rd July


1888Raymond Chandler, American author
1892Haile Selassie, Ethiopian Emperor
1912Micheal Wilding, English actor
1913Michael Foot, Former Labour Party leader
1933Richard Rogers, British architect
1947David Essex, Singer/actor
1953Graham Gooch, English cricketer


1864Dr Livingstone, the African missionary, returned to England
1940The Local Defence Volunteers were renamed the Home Guard
1948D.W Griffith, the American film director, died
1952The military staged a coup in Egypt; forcing King Farouk to abdicate
1955The world water speed record was broken by Donald Campbell
1981The Polish government announced increases in food prices; this led to a general strike
1986Prince Andrew married Lady Sarah Ferguson in Westminster Abbey
1991The USSR applied for full membership of the IMF and World Bank
1993There was further widespread flooding on the Mississippi river, USA