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On This Day in History - 4th May


1825Thomas Huxley, English naturalist
1882Sylvia Pankhurst, English suffragette
1923Eric Sykes, English comedian
1936Audrey Hepburn, Dutch born film actress
1952Michael Barrymore, Television entertainer
1954Liz Robertson, Actress/singer


1896The first issue of the 'Daily Mail' newspaper was published
1904Work began on the Panama Canal, Central America
1907Large numbers of immigrants were entering the USA (up to 5,000 per day)
1926The General Strike began; it didn't end until the 12th May
1953The Duke of Edinburgh gained his pilot's 'wings'
1979Margaret Thatcher became first woman Prime Minister of Britain
1982HMS Sheffield, in the Falkland conflict, was struck and destroyed by a missile
1990Latvia declared its independence from the Soviet Union