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On This Day in History - 16th February


1822Francis Galton, English scientist
1834Ernst Haeckel, German naturalist
1920Patti Andrews, Of the 'Andrews Sisters'
1922Geraint Evans, Welsh baritone
1926John Schlesinger, American film director
1943Anthony Dowell, Royal Ballet Director
1957LeVar Burton, US actor; 'Geordie' in Star Trek Next Generation
1959John McEnroe, Controversial American tennis player


1937An American scientist was granted a patent for Nylon
1957Leslie Hore Belisha, the politician who introduced the driving test, died
1959Fidel Castro became the President of Cuba, overthrowing Fulgenico Batista
1960The nuclear powered submarine 'Triton' set off on its round the world underwater voyage
1965A government report recommended closing half of Britain's railway network
1972There were power cuts in Britain, as power stations ran out of coal during the miners strike
1990Wives of Royal Navy seamen protested over a decision to allow Wrens to go to sea
1994Russian troops were to join the UN troops in former Yugoslavia