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On This Day in History - 25th June


1900Lord Mountbatten of Burma
1903George Orwell, English novelist
1925June Lockhart, American actress of TV & film
1941Roy Marsden, Actor
1945Eddie Large, Comedian
1945Carly Simon, American singer
1963George Michael, Singer


1867Barbed wire was patented in the United States
1876General George Custer was killed at the battle of The Little Big Horn
1945The United Nations was founded
1950North Korean troops moved into South Korea
1962The death penalty was announced in the Soviet Union for anyone dealing in gold & currency
1968Tony Hancock, the famous English comedian, died
1973The Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev visited France
1981The BBC announced it had to make cutbacks to its foreign language radio services
1987The USSR began major changes to its economy to make it more like a Western economy