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On This Day in History - 7th April


1770William Wordsworth, English Poet
1915Billy Holiday, American jazz singer
1928James Garner US film & TV actor; TV's 'Rockford files'
1939Sir David Frost, Television presenter & interviewer
1939Francis Ford Coppola, American film director
1945Dennis Amiss, Cricketer
1945Martyn Lewis, Television newsreader


1827Matches went on sale for the first time, produced by John Walker in Stockton
1891Phineas T. Barnum, the American showman, died
1906There was an eruption of the Italian volcano 'Versuvius'
1939Italy invaded Albania
1947Henry Ford, the man who revolutionised car manufacturing, died
1948The World Health Organisation (WHO) was established
1982A 200-mile radius naval blockade of the Falkland Islands was announced by the British
1986Sinclair computers, who produced the popular 'Spectrum', were sold to Amstrad
1989A Soviet nuclear powered submarine cuaght fire and sank off the caost of Norway