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On This Day in History - 4th August


1792Percy Shelley, English poet
1841William Hudson, British writer
1900Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
1908Osbert Lancaster, English cartoonist
1941Martin Jarvis, Actor
1951Peter Squires, Rugby player


1875Hans Christian Anderson, the fairy tale writer, died
1914Britain declared war on Germany
1921A famine struck Russia; millions starved/ate grass
1923The BBC began using the 'pips' as a time signal in its broadcasts
1966Britain appointed its first Ombudsman, Sir Edmund Compton
1971The US launched its first satellite into lunar orbit from a manned spacecraft
1972Ugandan President Amin expelled 40,000 British Asians
1983Italy elected its first socialist prime minister since 1946
1995The Queen Mother celebrated her 95th birthday