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On This Day in History - 18th February


1517Mary Tudor, Daughter of Henry VIII
1745Alessandro Volta, Italian scientist
1838Ernst Mach, Physicist, after whom Mach speed numbers are named
1929Len Deighton, English novelist
1931Ned Sherrin, British broadcaster and writer
1933Bobby Robson, Former England football manager
1954John Travolta, American film actor; 'Grease'
1959Greta Scacchi, American film actress


1876The first direct telegraph link from Britain to New Zealand was set up
1911The world's first official regular air mail service began
1915During World War 1, Germany blockaded Britain with submarines
1930The planet Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh
1965The Gambia became an independent country within the Commonwealth
1967Robert Oppenheimer, the American inventor of the atomic bomb, died
1972A report suggested that alcohol abuse was the nation's biggest problem
1994The Queen went on a state visit to the Caribbean